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11/03/2018 9:11 am  #1

Potato City is gone

For those who haven't heard, Potato City Motor Inn has been torn down to make way for the new State Police building.

Here is a picture of the property in early October.
What a shame to lose such an iconic property.

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12/11/2018 11:03 am  #2

Re: Potato City is gone

We ride from Germania area and would always stop at the Inn for food and gas.  What's the nearest fuel and food stop to the old Potato City Inn.


12/11/2018 2:30 pm  #3

Re: Potato City is gone

Either Cherry Springs Store (aka Keeners) or the snowmobile club north of Rt 6


12/11/2018 4:46 pm  #4

Re: Potato City is gone

Keep in mind the club is only open until 3 on Sat and Sun only
If you know the way you can get to the Sheetz in Coudersport.
Take the trail in back of Millstream over to 872 and take a left at a 45 degree angle up to the old Railroad grade.  It will bring you out at the pool then just run down the side of the street 4 blocks.
There is a club map that shows the trail on the Potter County Snowmobile Club website

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3/02/2019 8:57 am  #5

Re: Potato City is gone

The former Grub&Stuff store in Sweden Valley has gas (Usually). And of course gas is available at the Germania store and Cross Fork and the Wharton store as well. Providing you have enough in the tank to get to those locations.

I usually truck to Sheetz and bring home 10 to 15 gallons and keep it in the shed. Back in the day before permanently migrating to PC I built a containment rack inside my enclosed trailer which held three 5 gallon containers. 

The PC Snowmobile Club did purchase 1,000 gals. But you might want to call the club to make certain they are open. 


3/10/2019 6:40 pm  #6

Re: Potato City is gone

So we want to come up to Potter county March 16. With all of the warm weather this week, Do you think we will be able to ride?

Still riding Polaris,after all these years!

3/10/2019 7:15 pm  #7

Re: Potato City is gone

my guess is going to be a NO< not unless you don't like your sled
 all week will be warm, the rain sleet from past storm
I am sure there will be a few spots that HAVE snow good, but most I think will not, so
 Maybe just go to the snowmobile hill climb instead and watch, OR drag sleds up and see and if BAD< then stop in at the hill climb and enjoy watching some folks run the hills(or enter yourself)


3/11/2019 6:22 pm  #8

Re: Potato City is gone

And thank you for your reply. 

Still riding Polaris,after all these years!

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