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3/16/2019 3:44 pm  #1

zrt/t cat items

OK if anyone has any interest  in some older 96-99 era ZRT / T cat items
 I have a few for sale
 a headlight assembly, some  brand new  and some used windshield O rings, for holding windshield to hood!
10 brand new NGK  spark plug's,
and a pair of ski's with orange tips, ONE has a line new 9 inch shaper bar on it, other has NO carbide and has a HOLE in the ski, ski's came off a 1997 T cat with 1100 miles on it! but one ski hit a metal rod sticking up in the snow and made a hole in it!
other ski is in very good condition
 and then have some clutch weights!

 sold sleds and just don't need the parts, will give  a very good deal to anyone that wants them?

located at zip code 18237, NE Pa.


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